Terrain for Trains
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 Philip Gjevre of Stevens Point, Wisconson, built this fine example of the High Sierra and uses it as a display for the Great Northern Railway Historical Society. The scenery detailing was performed by Ross and Dave Conrad, owners of Model Mountain Craft in Wausau, Wisconson (www.modeltrain.com). The layout was exhibited at NMRA's National Train Show in St. Paul, Minnesota, July 22-25, 1999. Philip calls it the "Layout 'N' a Case" and displays it at regional NMRA shows and Great Northern events. He says, "We still have a small forest to plant and need to establish some industry on the right-of-way." It looks great from here, Phil. Thanks for the photos and the promotion.

This next series of photos came to us without any kind of note or identification of the builder/owner. The envelope contained 22 different photos and was post marked from Inglewood, California. That's all we know at this time. Check out these great shots. It looks like a fine example of a coffee table arrangement with the control panel in a drawer. The details are incredible. There must be hundreds of little people on the layout and nearly as many autumn trees. The truss bridges are very well done, and may be scratch-built. There appear to be mini-scenes within the larger scenes. For example, behind an industrial scene, there is a forklift accident with goods spilled all over and distressed looking people waving their arms. There are line-side shanties at the back of the layout. Trucks, cars, working lights, pumping oil wells, and still more people, are everywhere! This is one of the most fun examples of the High Sierra we've seen yet. We give a "Good job" and a hearty pat on the back to whoever you are.

Check out this great version of the High Sierra.

We were very impressed with this photo submitted by Paul Wemmer of Everson, WA. Paul tells us that his son-in-law, who happens to be an artist, painted the layout, creating beautifully realistic rocks and ground cover. Notice the roundhouse that Paul has added at the front of the layout. "Now," he says, "I am working on the Rocky Ridge extension and I'll send photos when it is completed." Thanks a million Paul. We look forward to posting them here in the Customer Photo File.

Louis Orlin of Ann Arbor, MI, writes, "After some surgery last May, I decided to help my recuperation by getting your "High Sierra N-gauge layout and building it up." The photos illustrate how successful Louis's efforts were. We hope his recuperation was as successful. He continues, "I turned the long straightaway in front into a point-to-point line so that I can have trains on the mainline and on the point-to-point operating at the same time." Great idea Louis. And thanks for the great photos.

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