Terrain for Trains
"The Quarry" Extension Module

Add another 4 feet to your N-scale High Sierra layout. Create an end-loop or turn a 90 degree corner. The design possibilities are almost without limit. Consider a 3-section layout (below) by combining a Town of Rocky Ridge module (left) with a Quarry in the corner, and a High Sierra on the right.

Still want more operating room? Start modifying some of the same modules, and build a 4-section layout as illustrated below. The pit was filled on a Quarry module on the far left and converted to a junk yard. Other industries and a different pattern of trees and bushes makes this module look entirely different than the one in the corner. Your imagination can take the Terrain for Trains layout system where ever you want to go with it. This is more model railroading fun than you ever dreamed possible -- it is by far the easiest and least expensive preformed layout system available today. Slide the layout out of the box and you are ready to lay track!

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