Suggested Track Plans
For Multiple Module Layouts

Here are four possible arrangements for Terrain for Trains modules, the High Sierra, the Town of Rocky Ridge, and the Quarry.  The top right drawing uses four modules and measures 12' wide by 6-1/2' deep. The drawing to the left is a six section "U" shaped layout, having added three more modules to the right hand drawing. It now measures 12' wide by 10-1/2' deep. The two lower drawings are smaller layouts using fewer modules. The middle drawing incorporates the Town of Rocky Ridge and a High Sierra. The Quarry could be substituted for the Town module. This layout would measure 8' wide by 2-1/2' deep. The lower right drawing shows the Quarry in the corner, creating an "L" shaped layout, with overall dimensions of 8' wide and 6-1/2' deep.

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